Resolving Your Child Custody Dispute

There's an important question to consider when discussing child custody matters: What type of arrangement is truly in my child's best interests?

Although most parents believe they know what's best for their children, the fact is that during a contentious divorce, children are often trapped in the middle, used as bargaining or bartering chips by spiteful parents, and run the risk of having their lives further disrupted by a child custody agreement that only benefits the parents, not the child.

As experienced attorneys, we can help you and your spouse avoid conflicts while keeping the most important factors in perspective: protecting your child's future.

Aggressively Defending The Best Interests Of Your Child

During a divorce, couples can usually find some common ground when dividing assets or other related matters. However, when it comes to protecting the relationships they have with their children, many parents can be uncompromising. At Smalley Law Firm, we help our clients pursue their goals while always looking out for the rights and interests of the children involved.

We will explain the different types of custody, visitation and child support agreements, including legal custody and physical custody, as well as the differences between joint and sole custody. If reaching an amicable agreement is out of the question, we will explain the various factors the courts will consider when making a ruling on your custody arrangement. Although it's often best to find an alternative, our team of lawyers has experience and skill to fight for you and your children during litigation.

Providing You And Your Children With Honest Advice And Aggressive Advocacy

At Smalley Law Firm, we believe in setting realistic expectations. We never offer false hopes when evaluating your case. To speak with us and to begin building a strategy for protecting your parent-child relationship, contact us at our Norman law office at 405-322-5653 or by completing our online contact form.

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